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>> this is a terrible failure of leadership. this is the nsa version of the obama apology talk. this is a successful program. the nsa program is successful. yesterday the president is allowing edward snowden to pull the puppet strings. this man is a traitor to our country and the president somehow feels he has to cater to him. for the last two months since this issue has been out there, the president has been awol,
what we're learning are the broad framework that sort of allows the nsa to collect their surveillance and the legal thinking behind their justifications for the surveillance, but we're going to get a lot more detail, we're told, about exactly what the government does when they're looking through e-mails and looking through phone records, et cetera. so i think there is more information to come. that's some big news. boy, did they cover the range of topics. i was at the end of the press conference and they got through most of my questions. so by the end, you could see him, he usually gets a little bit testy at the very end. so can you sometimes get the most fire riery answer when he a little tired by then. but he seemed very subdued today. very calm. in the first term he would get much more prickly in these settings. he just doesn't seem to get all that riled up now. seems like not a lot will bother him. he did get a little on edge about obama. a range of issues and that's only touch of emotion i saw from him. >> he talked about putin's slouch, he looks likes the bored kid at the back o
government. what is the significance of these documents that have been released by the nsa? >> well, the court essentially was very angry at the government, because he said you've been collecting all this data on americans which have nothing to do with terrorism, completely domestic. the nsa is supposed to be focused on foreign communications. you've been misrepresenting what you've been doing to the court for three years, essentially. the nsa was essentially sending its machines, the computers that it was collecting its stuff that essentially -- you communicating with someone in al qaeda, yemen, for instance, completely your do mistic communications with other people. >> in this country? >> in this country it's not necessarily the content. it was taking care -- and it wasn't doing that. >> this went on for three years? >> for tli years. october 2011, the nsa finally comes to the judge and explains what they've been doing. the judge was very angry and said, well, you know, tell us how you're going to fix this. the nsa had to come up with new ways to remove the domestic data. >> and
conference for making a four-point plan to make the nsa more transparent? he said something that was technically true for almost a whole week. >> if you look at the reports, even the disclosures that mr. snowden has put forward, all the stories that have been written, what you're not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and listening in on people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's e-mails. what you're hearing about is the prospect that these could be abused. >> so just folks on what president obama was talking about there. he was talking about what we were hearing about these programs, what we were reading about the government abusing these programs and, yes, it's true, we weren't reading that until of course last night when "the washington post" produced an internal audit and other documents from that perpetual thorn in the side, edward snowden. those show there were privacy issues thousands of times. he adds most of that was not intentional. the infractions go from law breaking to typos that led to intercepts. i want to bring in th
the nsa and that briefing did not go so well truthwise. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> not true. but it wasn't until after it was made clear his answer it was not true that clapper offered this answer to why he gave false testimony to congress. >> i responded in what i thought was the least untruthful manner by saying no. >> see how that works for you next time you take an oath to tell the truth. or take a page from our friend mr. costanza. >> jerry, just remember it's not a lie if you believe it. >> now, when asked how the president can justify having an independent review by outside expert being run by the guy running the spy program, it was explained they have to have appropriate clearances and accesses and says clapper will not get in the middle of their work. of course not. at least not wittingly. >> also in national news, you're walking on the street, not jay walking, not littering but a police officer spots you and thinks something is suspicious. the next thing you
in light of our recent reporting about the nsa the overwhelming surveillance opportunities that exists to intercept some of the plans al qaeda might be attempting. >> we heard about president obama saying al qaeda was on it time, have they returned since then? >> i hate to say but i think the president was misleading when he said that. if you listen closely, he always talked about al qaeda core or he would say pakistan and afghanistan but often talked at large about al qaeda which led people to believe he was talking about al qaeda, no matter where it was, in africa, the middle east or anywhere else. i think they're concerned they've been caught flat-footed because it looks like the president wasn't being quite truthful with us. >> i have to agree with peter. when you have to expect your audience to listen to the nuances with b what a difusing complex phenomenon is in terms of its health, that's not giving the appropriate context to the american people. what you also have to take into consideration, it would seem is the differences in gradations and capabilities between what al qaeda w
guardian," who broke the nsa leaker scandal, was a guest. >> and is it every day? >> mondays, wednesdays, thursdays. >> erin mcpike, thank you very much. three movies elbowed each other for the top spot at the box office this weekend. "elysium" came out on top. "district 9" had a more lucrative debut. the comedy "we're the millers" and "planes" finished third. if you were waiting patiently for lady gaga's single to be released next week, you ask stop. she went ahead and released it today. apparently hackers were trying to leak it. so gaga decided to issue a pop music emergency. she rushed the single out and took her thunder back. the album is due out in november, unless maybe pirates get ahold of that one, too. follow me on twitte twitter @jaketapper, all one word and check out our show page at i now turn you over to wolf blitzer. he is right next door in a place we like to call "the situation room." mr. blitzer. >>> thanks very. happening now a kidnapped teen didn't even know that her mother and brother had been murdered until she was rescued. now the father of hannah anderson
on the nsa. >> also kim jong un is reportedly promising not to hurt defectors of the red state if they'll just quit it and come back home. if that isn't sweet enough for you, he's offering up tv appearances and cash prizes equivalent to about $45,000, according to reuters. that money goes a long way in place where a house can reportedly be sold for about 65 pounds of rice and three and a half million people starved to death in the 1990s. >> today officials are trying to explain why they punked an entire town with a false terror alert yesterday. according to reports, police in old saybrook, connecticut made mistakes that led to a message being blared over loud speakers, telling residents to take shelter because the area was under attack. the office of management sent out reverse messages before the panic set in. congratulations to the newly engaged joe lockhart. joe, was this proposal done on bended knee? >> yes, it was. but since she made me hike up a mountain that day, it was getting back up that was difficult. >> a word of advice, don't follow your old boss bill clinton's example and
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)